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    ath79: Use -v1 suffix for TP-Link WDR3600/4300 · ab025846
    Adrian Schmutzler authored
    In ath79, identifiers tplink_tl-wdr3600 and tplink_tl-wdr4300 have
    been used while most other TP-Link devices include the revision.
    Although there actually is only one major revision of these
    devices, they bear the revision on their bottom (v1.x). TP-Link
    also refers to the devices as V1 on its web page.
    This patch thus adds -v1 to both so it is more consistent
    with other devices and with what you would expect from reading
    the on-device sticker and the support pages.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAdrian Schmutzler <>