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    • David Bauer's avatar
      ipq40xx: copy Fritz4040 UBoot to STAGING_DIR_IMAGE · dcfca830
      David Bauer authored
      Copy U-Boot to STAGING_DIR_IMAGE (and append it to the EVA-image from
      there) to fix image generation using the image-builder.
      Also remove the bootloader from DEVICE_PACKAGES and instead use the
      BUILD_DEVICES directive from within the U-Boot makefile.
      This fixes eva-image generation using the OpenWRT image-builder.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Bauer <mail@david-bauer.net>
      (cherry picked from commit 634c7330)
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    • Felix Fietkau's avatar
      mt76: update to the latest version · 8de93ce7
      Felix Fietkau authored
      28d81ff mt76x0: eeprom: fix VHT mcs{8,9} rate power offset
      6e33ce6 mt76: move mt76_mcu_msg_alloc in mt76-core
      4637f95 mt76: move mt76_mcu_get_response in mt76-core
      1763cb0 mt76: move mt76_mcu_rx_event in mt76-core
      4db9d75 mt76x0: mcu: remove useless commented configuration
      91d0455 mt76: move mt76_dma_tx_queue_skb_raw in mt76-core module
      0e8e53f mt76: remove add_buf pointer in mt76_queue_ops
      db47920 mt7603: rely on mt76_mcu_msg_alloc routine
      471c447 mt7603: rely on mt76_mcu_get_response routine
      cacc986 mt7603: rely on mt76_mcu_rx_event routine
      11ab620 mt7603: rely on mt76_tx_queue_skb_raw common routine
      82fa312 mt7603: move alloc_dev common code in mt76_alloc_device
      47d5922 mt76: move alloc_device common code in mt76_alloc_device
      c50c993 mt76x2u: remove mt76x2u_alloc_device routine
      6ed5b7a mt76x0: remove mt76x0u_alloc_device routine
      e32e249 mt76x2: remove mt76x2_alloc_device routine
      6aacd1e mt76: change the return type of mt76_dma_attach()
      a10e9e5 mt76x02u: use usb_bulk_msg to upload firmware
      a774ff6 mt76: usb: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in mt76u_mcu_deinit
      c2877bc mt76: usb: fix possible memory leak in mt76u_buf_free
      a5cfe96 mt76: usb: do not run mt76u_queues_deinit twice
      1e4db14 mt76: usb: move mt76u_check_sg in usb.c
      302406b mt76: usb: do not use sg buffers for mcu messages
      8ab5267 mt76: usb: use a linear buffer for tx/rx datapath if sg is not supported
      a0a3505 mt76: usb: introduce disable_usb_sg parameter
      0cee180 mt76: usb: use dev_err_ratelimited instead of dev_err in mt76u_complete_rx
      1bb97c4 mt76x02u: remove bogus check and comment padding
      2cbc2d4 mt76: Use the correct hweight8() function
      f18e03a mt76x0u: fix suspend/resume
      6231336 mt76: mt76x02: fix TSF sync mode
      783da04 mt76: mt76x02: fix beacon timer drift adjustment
      43d2507 mt76: mt76x02: fix beacon timer issue
      59a6587 mt76: mt76x02: only reset beacon drift counter when enabling beacons
      8c8eb98 mt76: mt76x02: issue watchdog reset on MCU request timeout
      52161d2 mt76: mt76x02: fix ED/CCA enabling/disabling
      5e7ecce mt76: mt76x2: unify mt76x2[u]_mac_resume
      18af219 mt76: mt76x02: set MT_TXOP_HLDR_TX40M_BLK_EN for mt76x2
      e5747b2 mt76usb: allow mt76u_bulk_msg be used for reads
      2437a9a mt76usb: use synchronous msg for mcu command responses
      e4250c9 mt76usb: remove usb_mcu.c
      8b1110e mt76: usb: fix warning in mt76u_buf_free
      89215f6 mt76: usb: introduce mt76u_fill_bulk_urb routine
      523e374 mt76: usb: simplify rx buffer allocation
      ffe1292 mt76: usb: simplify mt76u_tx_build_sg routine
      e2a9d40 mt7603: fix ba window size selection
      b040ef7 mt76: remove no longer used routine declarations
      645ef43 mt76: usb: check urb->num_sgs limit in mt76u_process_rx_entry
      fd315bd mt7603: disable dynamic sensitivity adjustment by default
      3c6df9b mt76: rewrite dma descriptor base and ring size on queue reset
      30e757e mt76: mt76x02: when setting a key, use PN from mac80211
      fa83406 mt76: mt76x2: implement full device restart on watchdog reset
      ead881b mt76: mt76x02: do not sync PN for keys with sw_iv set
      ba1d989 mt76: mmio: move mt76x02_set_irq_mask in mt76 module
      283ebbe mt76: dma: move mt76x02_init_{tx,rx}_queue in mt76 module
      b216d3c mt76: introduce q->stopped parameter
      8b437d2 mt76x02: clear sta and vif driver data structures on add
      2c62d03 mt76x02: clear running flag when resetting state on restart
      6b10cfc mt76: mt76x02: only update the base mac address if necessary
      669bc49 mt76: mt76x02: reduce false positives in ED/CCA tx blocking
      2ed9382 mt76: mt7603: fix tx status HT rate validation
      d2c6823 mt76: mt76x2: fix external LNA gain settings
      8ee2259 mt76: mt76x2: fix 2.4 GHz channel gain settings
      8bfe6d4 mt76: mt7603: clear ps filtering mode before releasing buffered frames
      d13b065 mt76: mt7603: fix up hardware queue index for PS filtered packets
      eb1ecc4 mt76: mt7603: notify mac80211 about buffered frames in ps queue
      3687eec mt76: mt7603: clear the service period on releasing PS filtered packets
      42ab27e mt76: when releasing PS frames, end the service period if no frame was found
      461f3b0 mt76: mt76x02: disable ED/CCA by default
      1d7760d mt76: mt7603: set moredata flag when queueing ps-filtered packets
      0b927b2 mt76: fix return value check in mt76_wmac_probe()
      e72376d mt76x02: fix hdr pointer in write txwi for USB
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFelix Fietkau <nbd@nbd.name>
    • Felix Fietkau's avatar
    • Felix Fietkau's avatar
      mac80211: backport tx queue start/stop fix · 08db9397
      Felix Fietkau authored
      Among other things, it fixes a race condition on calling ieee80211_restart_hw
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFelix Fietkau <nbd@nbd.name>