1. 24 Nov, 2019 3 commits
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      ramips: support dual image feature on ALFA Network boards · 7a62e909
      Piotr Dymacz authored
      New U-Boot version for MediaTek MT76x8/MT762x based ALFA Network boards
      includes support for a 'dual image' feature. Users can enable it using
      U-Boot environment variable 'dual_image' ('1' -> enabled).
      When 'dual image' feature is enabled, U-Boot will modify DTB and divide
      the original 'firmware' flash area into two, equal in size and aligned
      to 64 KB partitions: 'firmware' and 'backup'. U-Boot will also adjust
      size of 'firmware' area to match installed flash chip size.
      U-Boot will load kernel from active partition which is marked with env
      variable 'bootactive' ('1' -> first partition, '2' -> second partition)
      and rename both partitions accordingly ('firmware' <-> 'backup').
      There are 3 additional env variables used to control 'dual image' mode:
      - bootlimit   - maximum number of unsuccessful boot tries (default: '3')
      - bootcount   - current number of boot tries
      - bootchanged - flag which informs that active partition was changed; if
                      it is set and 'bootcount' reaches 'bootlimit' value,
                      U-Boot will start web-based recovery which then updates
                      both partitions with provided image
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPiotr Dymacz <pepe2k@gmail.com>
      (backported from commit bc173ddd)
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      ramips: use upstream RAW_APPENDED_DTB instead of our OWRTDTB · 3806899a
      Chuanhong Guo authored
      Upstream kernel added support for RAW_APPENDED_DTB on ralink arch
      in the following commit:
      02564fc89d3d ("ralink: Introduce fw_passed_dtb to arch/mips/ralink")
      Use upstream solution and get rid of our OWRTDTB hack.
      This commit set DEVICE_DTS to $$(DTS) instead of replacing DTS with
      DEVICE_DTS in device profile because DTS variable will be dropped
      in later commits.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarChuanhong Guo <gch981213@gmail.com>
      [Tested on mt7621/mt76x8]
      Tested-by: default avatarChuanhong Guo <gch981213@gmail.com>
      [Tested on rt305x/mt7620]
      Tested-by: default avatarINAGAKI Hiroshi <musashino.open@gmail.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 7a8d3432
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPiotr Dymacz <pepe2k@gmail.com>
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