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      oxnas: bring in new oxnas target · dcc34574
      Daniel Golle authored
      Reboot the oxnas target based on Linux 4.14 by rebasing our support on
      top of the now-existing upstream kernel support.
      This commit brings oxnas support to the level of v4.17 having upstream
      drivers for Ethernet, Serial and NAND flash.
      Botch up OpenWrt's local drivers for EHCI, SATA and PCIe based on the
      new platform code and device-tree.
      Re-introduce base-files from old oxnas target which works for now but
      needs further clean-up towards generic board support.
      Functional issues:
       * PCIe won't come up (hence no USB3 on Shuttle KD20)
       * I2C bus of Akitio myCloud device is likely not to work (missing
         debounce support in new pinctrl driver)
      Code-style issues:
       * plla/pllb needs further cleanup -- currently their users or writing
         into the syscon regmap after acquireling the clk instead of using
         defined clk_*_*() functions to setup multipliers and dividors.
       * PCIe phy needs its own little driver.
       * SATA driver is a monster and should be split into an mfd having
         a raidctrl regmap, sata controller, sata ports and sata phy.
      Tested on MitraStar STG-212 aka. Medion Akoya MD86xxx and Shuttle KD20.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>
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