Commit 8806da86 authored by Tony Ambardar's avatar Tony Ambardar Committed by Jo-Philipp Wich
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base-files: fix prerm return value, align with postinst code

The return value of a package prerm script is discarded and not returned
correctly by default_prerm(). This allows other operations like service
shutdown to "leak" their return value, prompting workarounds like commit

 which do not address the root cause.

Preserve a package prerm script return value for use by default_prerm(),
sharing the corresponding code from default_postinst() for consistency.
Also use consistent code for handling of /etc/init.d/ scripts.

Run Tested on: LEDE 17.01.4 running ar71xx.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTony Ambardar <>
parent 5c9ad4fa
......@@ -152,22 +152,27 @@ config_list_foreach() {
default_prerm() {
local root="${IPKG_INSTROOT}"
local name
local pkgname="$(basename ${1%.*})"
local ret=0
name=$(basename ${1%.*})
[ -f "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${name}.prerm-pkg" ] && . "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${name}.prerm-pkg"
if [ -f "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.prerm-pkg" ]; then
( . "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.prerm-pkg" )
local shell="$(which bash)"
for i in `cat "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${name}.list" | grep "^/etc/init.d/"`; do
for i in $(grep -s "^/etc/init.d/" "$root/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.list"); do
if [ -n "$root" ]; then
${shell:-/bin/sh} "$root/etc/rc.common" "$root$i" disable
if [ "$PKG_UPGRADE" != "1" ]; then
"$i" disable
"$i" stop || /bin/true
"$i" stop
return $ret
add_group_and_user() {
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