Commit 7f694582 authored by Jo-Philipp Wich's avatar Jo-Philipp Wich
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base-files: rework postinstall uci-defaults handling

Some package postinstall operations, e.g. those emitted by the LuCI build
system, source and delete the uci-defaults themselves upon package insteall,
causing the generic defaults apply code to trigger shell errors like:

    .../luci-app-ddns.postinst: .: line 130: can't open './40_luci-ddns'

Rework the generic apply code to check the existence of the uci-defaults
script before trying to source it, use sed to prefilter the list of entries
from the control file and perform the directory change in a subshell,
avoiding the need for cd $OLDPWD.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJo-Philipp Wich <>
parent 749d4b77
......@@ -223,12 +223,11 @@ default_postinst() {
if [ -z "$root" ] && grep -q -s "^/etc/uci-defaults/" "/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.list"; then
. /lib/functions/
[ -d /tmp/.uci ] || mkdir -p /tmp/.uci
cd /etc/uci-defaults
for i in $(grep -s "^/etc/uci-defaults/" "/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.list"); do
( . "./$(basename $i)" ) && rm -f "$i"
for i in $(sed -ne 's!^/etc/uci-defaults/!!p' "/usr/lib/opkg/info/${pkgname}.list"); do (
cd /etc/uci-defaults
[ -f "$i" ] && . "$i" && rm -f "$i"
) done
uci commit
[ -n "$root" ] || rm -f /tmp/luci-indexcache 2>/dev/null
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