Commit 14c59a14 authored by Hauke Mehrtens's avatar Hauke Mehrtens
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rbcfg: Add missing mode to open call

When open() is called with O_CREAT a 3. parameter has to be given with
the file system permissions of the new file.

Not giving this is an error, which results in a compile error with glibc.

This fixes the following compile error with glibc:
In file included from /include/fcntl.h:329,
                 from main.c:18:
In function 'open',
    inlined from 'rbcfg_update' at main.c:501:7:
/include/bits/fcntl2.h:50:4: error: call to '__open_missing_mode' declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT or O_TMPFILE in second argument needs 3 arguments
    __open_missing_mode ();
Signed-off-by: default avatarHauke Mehrtens <>
parent 70a962ca
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
include $(TOPDIR)/
......@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ rbcfg_update(int tmp)
put_u32(ctx->buf + 4, crc);
name = (tmp) ? ctx->tmp_file : ctx->mtd_device;
fd = open(name, O_WRONLY | O_CREAT);
fd = open(name, O_WRONLY | O_CREAT, 0640);
if (fd < 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "unable to open %s for writing\n", name);
err = RB_ERR_IO;
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